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Founders and Management

Founders and management of the Buddha Center

Ven WayneRL


Venerable Wayne Hughes

Management and teacher at the Buddha Center

Ch’an Buddhist monk

Venerable Wayne Hughes (Ren-Cheng) was ordained a Cleric in the Order of Pragmatic Buddhists, in May 2009, in St. Louis, MO.  He was honored to perform the duties of deshi, otomo for his root teacher Dr. Jim Eubanks Sensei; to act as the Guest Prefect of the Order, to be the Associate Director of Buddhist Studies, and to lead the St. Louis Chapter of the Center for Pragmatic Buddhism (CPB).

Wayne Shi  continues with the Pragmatic Buddhist tradition of “life-long learning” and the Engaged Dharma tradition of engaging the dharma through the actions of the social self.  Honored to be a teacher at The Buddha Center, Friday at 2pm SLT, Monday at 1pm SLT.

email: [email protected]
internetsite: www.engageddharma.com

Tashi RL


Tashi Aura

-Management and Meditation Facilitator at the Buddha Center-

“When we ask, “Am I following a path with heart?” we discover that no one can define for us exactly what our path should be.
Instead we must allow the mystery and beauty of this question to resonate within our being.
Then somewhere within us an answer will come and understanding will arise.
If we are still and listen deeply, even for a moment, we will know if we are following a path with heart.”

delani rl


Delani Denimore

Founder, Management and Dharma Coordinator at the Buddha Center

-Zen Tradition-

Ordained Dharma Teacher

She has been practicing Zen Buddhism for 16 years in real life. In 1997 she formally took refuge and in 2000 took the precepts. In 2005 she was ordained a Dharma teacher in the Chogye sect, after five years of study with her Zen Master. Although her tradition is Korean Zen, Delani has integrated many other traditions into her sessions.  She received Avalokiteshvara  Empowerment from  a Tibetan Rinpoche in 2010 and is a big advocate of Metta Karuna practice

Internetsite: http://www.thebuddhacenter.org

E-mail: [email protected]

Zino March RL


Yuri Marcus (Zino March in SL)

Founder, management and Webmaster at the Buddha Center

Lay Buddhist and student of Venerable. Wayne Hughes, Teacher in Acupressure massage (Shiatsu) since 1997.

Delani and I founded the Buddha Center to provide true Buddhist teachings of various traditions and meditation for people around the world who do not have acces to a buddhist teacher or temple for more information please read our buddha center mission statement.

Internetsite: http://www.thebuddhacenter.org

E-mail: [email protected]

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