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the legend of buddha for kids

Story of Buddha

The Legend of Buddha Presented with spectacular animation and an engaging narration, the Legend of Buddha takes you through the life of the enlightened one from a fun-filled childhood to the difficult joumey of attaining Nirvana. The story involves immense scenes of family values and principles for the younger generation.The movie focuses on the life …

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Buddhist Stories and Tales

The Jataka Tales edited by D. L. Ashliman Contents About the Jataka Tales The Future Buddha as Judge The Mosquito and the Carpenter The Golden Mallard The Tortoise That Refused to Leave Home How a Parrot Told Tales of His Mistress and Had His Neck Wrung The Monkey’s Heart The Talkative Tortoise The People Who …

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Buddha Center Guide


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Meditation for Kids

2 videos on meditation for children. It’s a mixture of meditating on ideas (like cats, dogs, parents, etc.) and meditating on reality (sitting, breath, etc.). Made by our teacher at the Buddha Center Venerable Yuttadhammo For more information on how to meditate on reality, you can read my booklet that gives more specific instructions: …

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Books for Kids

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mandala 1

Mandalas and Symbols to Colour

Hava some fun with your imagination “Mandalas from Don’t Eat the Paste (, used with permission.” Click on image to print          

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