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Virtual Reality Guide

Virtual Reality . . . not . . . Virtual Fantasy

by Ven. Wayne Ren-Cheng


The Buddha Center is virtual reality not virtual fantasy.

Second Life is a virtual world.  There are two ways to view this virtual world.  Seen as a virtual fantasy an avatar can be a fuzzy, an animal, a vampire or a superhero.  They can walk around nude or bristling with weapons, modern and ancient.  The avatar can engage in adventure, sexual and fantasy role-playing.  It is Second Life as a virtual fantasy and many folks enjoy it for that reason.

At the Buddha Center we experience Second Life as a virtual reality.  The space is meant to be a virtual representation of the real physical aspects of Buddhism.  Towering stupas, serene Buddhas, the Deer Park inhabited by the animals that named it during the Buddha’s time, and a temple designed with everything needed to sit in meditation and to learn about Buddhist philosophy, practice and spirituality.  The Buddha Center is a virtual place with a real intent.

The Buddha Center teachers and staff are serious about and committed to offering a way of living that they have experienced as positive and affirming.  It is not a game or a fantasy to us . . . it is a real commitment to offering the dharma.

Zino and Delani, the founders of Buddha Center move always forward with the vision of a destination in Second Life where people who are curious can learn, where those who can’t access a real life sangha can come together with like-minded people, and where Buddhist teachers of all traditions can offer the dharma.  It is real Buddhism in a virtual world.


We request that every visitor respect the space and the people by:

  • Asking yourself if what you are wearing is appropriate for where you are.  (No nudity, partial or otherwise.)
  • Leaving all weapons at home and harsh talk.
  • Not talking, by type chat or voice during meditation sessions and lectures.  (IM when it is needed to help a sangha member with a problem.)
  • Not soliciting or advertising products or services.
  • While on the Buddha Center Sim, the wearing of inappropriate tags is not allowed. Change these as a courtesy to the Sangha.
    *Inappropriate tags would include any sexual reference, weaponry and violence references, hate references and anti Buddhist reference tags. If you are unsure of your tag, wear the Buddha Center Tag (Buddha Center Sangha). If you do not have a Buddha Center tag, please join our group. Group Joiners are located on the sim.

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