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Private Studies

If you are reading this, you must be interested in pursuing the path of the Buddha. This should not be taken lightly but considered with the intent of commitment, dedication and strong desire. At the Buddha Center, our ordained monastics provide excellent guidance to those with serious intent in preparation to becoming a Buddhist. This learning process would culminate in the taking of the five precepts.

The five precepts are mandatory for all Buddhist and must be sincerely adhered to. Our monastics help and guide one to move toward that commitment.

The Five Precepts (there are many interpretations but in essence) One must vow to not engage in the following:

  1. …harming living beings.
  2. …taking things not freely given.
  3. …sexual misconduct.
  4. …false speech.
  5. …intoxicating drinks and drugs causing heedlessness.

Your reward – you will become the complete and fulfilled person you were meant to be.

Please send an email or fill-out the form below so that we can direct you to finding the appropriate monastic teacher for you. Remember this is a dedicated learning process. Sincerity, willingness, and hard work are in store but the results will be amazing and rewarding.

Best wishes
Namaste to you, the future Buddhist.


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