About the Center

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Mission Statement

The Buddha Center Buddhist Teaching and Meditation Center   Historical perspective In 2008 Delani Gabardini and Zino March (Yuri Marcus), the founders of the Buddha Center, concluded, upon evaluating Buddhism in second life(1), there was no one sim(2) that provided a true sense of Buddhism in a virtual reality environment. They concluded that providing true …

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The Sangha

The Sangha Wikipedia defines Sangha (Pali: saṅgha; Sanskrit: saṃgha; Wylie: ‘dus sde; Chinese: 僧伽, sēng qié) as a word in Pali and Sanskrit, meaning “association”, “assembly,” “company” or “community”. read more at www.wikipedia.com   Historical Perspective   Toward his end of life, the Buddha summoned many disciples to come and speak with him and to …

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Intro Movie

Please whatch this movie to have a small introduction to the Buddha Center   Your Buddhist Center in virtual reality

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Private Studies

If you are reading this, you must be interested in pursuing the path of the Buddha. This should not be taken lightly but considered with the intent of commitment, dedication and strong desire. At the Buddha Center, our ordained monastics provide excellent guidance to those with serious intent in preparation to becoming a Buddhist. This …

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Virtual Reality Guide

Virtual Reality . . . not . . . Virtual Fantasy by Ven. Wayne Ren-Cheng   The Buddha Center is virtual reality not virtual fantasy. Second Life is a virtual world.  There are two ways to view this virtual world.  Seen as a virtual fantasy an avatar can be a fuzzy, an animal, a vampire …

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Our Partners

Venerable Wayne Hughes EDIG offers contemporary Buddhist training via Skype and Second Life technology, and will answer your questions about Buddhist meditation, practice, history, contemporary issues. Email us to schedule a personal meeting via Skype –  please visit our site at http://engageddharma.com TRUTH IS WITHIN Venerable Yuttadhammo Welcome to my weblog, a place where you …

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