Jun 29

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12 – Yourself

Love yourself and watch —

Today, Tomorrow, always.


First establish yourself in the way,

Then teach,

And so defeat sorrow.


To straighten the crooked

You must first do a harder thing —

Straighten yourself.


You are your only master.

Who else?

Subdue yourself,

And discover your master.


Willfully you have fed

Your own mischief.

Soon it will crush you

As the diamond crushes stone.


By your own folly

You will be brought as low

As your worst enemy wishes.

So the creeper chokes the tree.


How hard it is to serve yourself,

How easy to lose yourself

In mischief and folly.


The kashta reed dies when it bears


So the fool,

Scorning the teachings of the


Spurning those who follow the law,

Perishes when his folly flowers.


Mischief is yours.

Sorrow is yours.

But virtue is also yours,

And purity.


You are the source

Of all purity and impurity.


No one purifies another.


Never neglect your work

For another’s,

However great his need.


Your work is to discover your work

And then with all your heart

To give yourself to it.


I have been dealing with a situation in Second Life for three months. In a nutshell, a painful personal relationship developed in Second Life. On this night, after much soul searching, I decided to end this relationship, and in great pain randomly chose one of the chapters of this book. It of course was right on the money as they say. There is not much else I can share about this, except I wandered away from the Buddha Center, ran into my reflection, and now I have returned. I share this because I think it is a common occurrence and this piece in the DHAMMAPADA could save you the detour if you take it as a meditation now, and if you have already lost your way, then again, NOW. I thank the Sangha for their support and all the true friends I have made there and elsewhere in-world. Namaste Jinpa Karu.



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